10 Foods your pet should never eat

10 Foods your pet should never eat


Some human foods are poisonous to your pets. If your pet eats human food and shows any signs of poisoning, vomiting, weakness, unusual behaviour seek – medical help from your vet immediately. 

10 foods your pet should never eat

Foods your pet should never eat:


Stone Fruit – they can cause obstructions and the stone contains cyanide which is poisonous to both pets and humans

Grapes and Raisins – These can be fatally toxic to pets.  Also, they can cause kidney failure in dogs even if only a small amount. 

Nuts – Almonds, Pistachios, Macadamias, Walnuts.  

Cooked Bones – Cooked bones can cause obstructions or lacerations. 

Corn Cobs – Cause obstructions which can be fatal. 

Alcohol – Can cause seizures, respiratory failure.  Alcohol can be hidden in desserts, sauces and raw dough also.  

Chocolate – Can cause vomiting, excessive panting, diarrhoea, rapid heartbeat, seizures, and even death. 

Onion and Garlic – It only takes a small amount to poison a cat or a dog.  Can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, damage to red blood cells. 

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